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6090The Baptist Pastor – June 20242024/06/18Download
5538Ungaqo Siseko2024/04/01, Download
5535POPIA Compliance Newsletter2024/04/01Download
5532Administration Audit Training2024/04/01, Download
5530The Baptist Pastor (Feb 2024)2024/04/01Download
5527Proposed changes to the Marriage Act2024/04/01, Download
5525The Baptist Pastor (2021 Edition 2)2024/04/01Download
5523The Baptist Pastor (2021 Edition 3)2024/04/01Download
5521The Baptist Pastor (2021 Edition 1)2024/04/01Download
5519Finding joy in Jesus2024/04/01Download
5517Finding Joy in your devotional life2024/04/01Download
5515Tentmaker Ministry2024/04/01Download
5513Finding Joy in Marriage (Handouts)2024/04/01Download
5510The Baptist Pastor (2021 Edition 4)2024/04/01Download
5508The Baptist Pastor (Jan 2022)2024/04/01Download
5505The Baptist Pastor (Dec 2022)2024/04/01Download
5503Shining Facesby Piff Perreira2024/04/01, Download
5501Clarity on how we behave2024/04/01, Download
5499The Baptist Pastor (March 2023)2024/04/01Download
5497The Baptist Pastor (May 2023)2024/04/01Download
5495The Baptist Pastor (September 2023)2024/04/01Download
5492The Baptist Pastor (Dec 2023)2024/04/01Download
5490Making developmental decisions in your ministry2024/04/01Download
5488Releasing People into Ministry2024/04/01Download
5486Application For Ministerial RecognitionAs updated May 2024.2024/04/01, , Download
5484Managing your finances as a coupleby David & Nikki Lock2024/04/01Download
5481Conversation Option to Age 70The group life benefit on the abovementioned policy has a Normal Retirement Age of 65, …2024/04/01Download
5479Retirement Fund Quotation2024/04/01Download
5477Retirement Fund Presentation 2022AS Presented at the Baptist Union Assembly2024/04/01Download
5474Pension Fund Beneficiary Nomination Form2024/04/01Download
5472Letlole la Penshene la BUSAPension Fund booklet in Setswana2024/04/01Download
5470Incwadi Yesikhwama Sempesheni (Oct 21)Pension Fund Booklet as at October 2018 in Zulu2024/04/01Download
5468Retirement Fund Letter (Oct ’21)2024/04/01Download
5466Tennant Times (79)The Tennant Times newsletter2024/04/01, Download
5463Tennant Times (80)The Tennant Times newsletter2024/04/01, Download
5461Tennant Times (82)The Tennant Times newsletter2024/04/01, Download
5459Tennant Times (84)The Tennant Times newsletter2024/04/01, Download
5456Retirement Fund Application FormForm for completion by those wishing to join the Retirement fund2024/04/01, Download
5452Retirement Fund Debit OrderMandate for the BU Retirement fund to debit your premium2024/04/01, Download
5450Spiritual GiftsFred Dennison & Piff Perreira2024/04/01Download
5448Membership ManualA manual to be used for church membership2024/04/01Download
5445Finances of the Local ChurchDr Mothofela Msimanga 2024/04/01Download
5441Constitution of the Baptist Union of SAAs revised and adopted at the Annual Assembly in 1933, and amended at subsequent Assemblies2024/03/31Download
5439Youth Ministry Manualby Andrew Pitt2024/03/31Download
5437Church Planting in an African Contextby Terry Rae2024/03/31Download
5435Cell Group Leaders Manualby Derrick Stone2024/03/31Download
5433Calling a new pastorby Norman Ronne2024/03/31Download
5431Serving as Leadershipby Linzay Rinquest2024/03/31, Download
5429Leadership – Resolving Conflict in the churchby Peter Holness2024/03/31, Download
5427Leadership from Nehemiahby Deon Malan2024/03/31, Download
5425Leadership from Nehemiah 13by Dr Martin Pohlmann2024/03/31, Download
5423Leadership from Nehemiah 1by Trent Eayrs2024/03/31, Download
5419Baptist PrincipalsA resource for church members2024/03/29Download
5417Serving as Leadershipby Linzay Rinquest2024/03/29Download
5415Nehemiah 3A study in Nehemiah (George Ngamlana)2024/03/29Download
5413Women in leadershipby Pearl Grunewald2024/03/29Download
5411Lifestyle Leadershipby Prof Dr Martin Pohlmann2024/03/29Download
5409Keeping your leaders motivatedby Tony Christian2024/03/29Download
5407Leadership in the homeby Ray & Grezelda September2024/03/29Download
5405Leadership in Children’s Ministryby Liesl Step2024/03/29Download
5403Leadership Diversity and South Africaby Angelo Scheepers2024/03/29, Download
5401Effective Biblical Leadershipby Stuart Cranna2024/03/29Download
5399The impulse of Worship when building for godA Study in Nehemiah2024/03/29Download
5397The Process to follow when making a commitment to building for GodA Study in Nehemiah2024/03/29Download
5394The Significance of God’s Word when building for/with GODA Study in Nehemiah neh-08v01-18-the-significance-of-gods-word-when-building-for-god-message2024/03/29Download
5392The Importance of People when building for/with GODA Study in Nehemiah2024/03/29Download
5389Overcoming opposition when building for/with GODStudy in Nehemiah2024/03/29Download
5387Ingredients needed when building for/with GODNehemiah 03:1-322024/03/29Download
5385Where are you father?Where are godly nurturing fathers today? This book will help!2024/03/29, Download
5381Privacy PolicyThe BU Privacy policy in light of POPIA2024/03/29Download
53712024 Scripture Exam2024 Scripture exam pack2024/03/29Download
53602016 Lesson 2 (Sermon)2024/03/28Download
53562016 Lesson 2 (Activities)2024/03/28Download
5342Tennant Times (71)The Tennant Times newsletter2024/03/28, Download
5338Church Membership ManualA manual that can be used and adapted for your church2024/03/28Download
5336Retirement Fund Member BookletBU Retirement Fund Members booklet 20232024/03/28Download
5333Multicultural Church GrowthA 6-chapter book with case studies2024/03/28, Download
5317Model ConstitutionA Model BU Church constitution2024/03/28, Download
5581BU Express 3522024/02/03Download
5582BU Express 350 #32023/12/03Download
5571BU Express 3502023/11/03Download
5572BU Express 3492023/10/03Download
5573BU Express 3482023/08/03Download
5574BU Express 3472023/07/03Download
5575BU Express 3462023/06/03Download
5569BU Express 3442023/04/03Download
53692023 Scripture Exam2023 Scripture Exam pack2023/03/29Download
5566BU Express 3432023/03/03Download
5379Prayer Guide2023 Prayer Guide2023/01/29, Download
53672022 Scripture Exam2022 Scripture Exam content2022/03/28, Download
53658 Principles of POPIAThe 8 principles that inform the Protection of Public Information Act2022/03/28, Download
5383Prayer Guide2022 Prayer Guide2022/01/29Download
5352Tennant Times (78)The Tennant Times newsletter2021/12/28, Download
5350Tennant Times (77)The Tennant Times newsletter2021/11/28, Download
5348Tennant Times (75)The Tennant Times newsletter2021/11/28, Download
5346Tennant Times (74)The Tennant Times newsletter2021/11/28, Download
5344Tennant Times (73)The Tennant Times newsletter2021/10/28, Download
5340Tennant Times (70)The Tennant Times newsletter2021/04/28Download
53732020 Scripture Exam2020 Scripture Exam Pack2020/03/29Download
53752019 Scripture Exam2019 Scripture Exam pack2019/03/29Download
53772018 Scripture Exam2018 Scripture Exam pack2018/03/29Download
53642016 Lesson 1 (Sermon)2016/03/28
53622016 Lesson 1 (Activities)2016/03/28Download
53582016 Lesson 1 (Activities)2016/03/28Download
53542016 Lesson 2Scripture Exam Lesson 22016/03/28Download