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Our mission is to advance the cause of the Kingdom of God primarily in Southern Africa. To promote unity and brotherly love among its member churches and churches moving towards membership. To disseminate Baptist Principles and to maintain religious liberty. To establish and assist Churches wherein Baptist Principles are practised.

The Latest BU News

BU Express 352

The 352 edition of the BU Express! 

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31 January 2023.

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Maranatha Jan 2024 Newsletter

Here is the Maranatha Retreat and Conference Centre's latest newsletter.

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24 January 2024

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The Pastoral Letter

Here is the last Pastoral Letter for 2023

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13 December 2023

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Please support Missions10/2

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Updated 6th December 2023

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Gap Year 2024

The 2023 Border Summer Camp

2024 Gap Year

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26th September 2023

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The new Baptist Handbook

The Baptist Union Directory, Policies and Statistics Handbook is now available for purchase at R100 per copy and courier costs will be an additional R99 per copy. The Handbooks have been distributed to the regional Networks and Associations.
Please contact your regional representative to purchase books for your church.

The 2023 Prayer Guide

The BU Prayer Guide for 2023.  

Please utilise this very important document in your churches to allow us to lift one another up in prayer. All these ministries depend on the Lord’s help and strength.

Please download the pdf below for all the details ...

2023 Prayer Guide pdf

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Contact details:  

083 464 8340