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Pastoral Support Team Suggested Reading for Continued Spiritual Growth 

  1. Remap to Recon – Brenda Slater Mc Neal
  2. Soul Care – John Ortberg
  3. Reading the Bible through African Lenses
  4. Restoring the Soul of your Leadership  – Ruth Hayley  Barton
  5. They call me Pastor- H.B. London & Neil T Wiseman
  6. Pastor at greater risk - London and Wiseman books
  7. Holiness – A. W. Tozer
  8. Reset - David Murray 
  9. Preventing Ministry Failure - Micheal Todd wilson and Brad Hoffman.

 Pastoral Support Team Newsletters and Encouragement - The Baptist Pastor


The Baptist Pastor 2022 No 4 

Pastoral Support Team Resources

 Renew 2023 Presentations

 1. Reigniting the Passion - Dr Gerhard Venter Click Here for the presentation

 2. Pastoral couples managing their finances - David and Niki Lock  Click Here for more information

 3. Storying your experience pastors and wives - Heather Sullivan Click Here for the list of questions used in the discussion group


Renew 2022 Retreat workshop presentations 

1. Finding Joy in your devotional Life - Peter Smallbones 

2. Finding Joy in your Marriage - Andy and Heather Sullivan 

3. Finding Joy in Jesus - Greg Matthe 

4. Finding Joy in being bi vocational (Tent Maker Ministry) - Reuben Ihlenfeldt 

5. Living within your harvest - Colin Diesel  

6, Covid Newsletter by Peter Smallbones -  Click Here

Assembly presentations 2022 :


The Changes to the Marriage Act :


Pastoral Support Team Resources from BTC

The Cascade Effect -

Spiritual Rhythms Interrupted -

The Potential Shift in Identity -

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