The Ministry Board.



In this document you will find:

  Regulations Governing Recognition for Minitry

  Types of Disciplinary Issues

  Capability Procedures 

  Code of Pastoral Ethics 


Below is the form to apply for ministerial recognition.

Please use this March 2024 Form, not the older forms of previous years.

You can download the application form as a Word Doc right here: 


To come onto the BU Ministry Lists you must have the following:

Have been in current MEMBERSHIP, and in good standing, with a Baptist Union church for ONE-YEAR or more.
Have completed your theological studies to the equivalent of a 4-YEAR THEOLOGICAL (HONOURS) DEGREE with one of our Baptist Colleges. You will be considered for an interview if you are in your final year of studies towards such a degree.
You must have completed the BAPTIST PRINCIPLES course at one of our colleges.
You must be in a CALLED ministry position in a Baptist Union church/fellowship/recognised BU ministry, in good standing with the Union.

If a student in their final year is not in a called position in a BU church, but still wishes to apply, they may do so. If they are successful, they will be placed on the Candidates list for 3-years, awaiting a call. Please note the Candidates list is NOT an accredited BU ministry list – but a waiting list.


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