Lesley RoosMy name is Lesley Roos, the Central Office Coordinator, whom for over a decade has served in this long-standing B W D ministry.

Doing it with commitment is a joy as the BIBLE WAY studies offer many people an opportunity to take a structured look into the unchanging Word of God thus finding core life-changing, Biblical truths. Getting regular feedback of people who have accepted Christ as their Saviour tops the chart for all of us in the ministry team.

At the outset of my ministry leadership, my prayerful aim was, and is to create a wider base for these relevant Topic and Revision booklets to go out: into Communities as well to Prison inmates. This has been and is being gratefully realised with a wide denominational base too. As our Key verse says: “He sent out His Word and healed us...” Ps 107:20 (a) this challenge was selected as the ministry aim.

As I have loved the Word of God since forever, being an ex-teacher and having a people’s person type of vibe, these are traits which have come together to make being involved with this mission an important part of my life. Being a family-orientated person, a warm addition to be part of the B W team/family and beyond that, to embrace the wider family of God in our quest to send His Word out there, is a passion I am privileged to live to do!