Bible way logoAs a department Bible Way shares God’s Word; helping God’s people to effectively engage in personal and group Bible study. We do this by producing study material and distributing them in the form of books and tracks in English, Xhosa, Zulu, Afrikaans, Tswana, South Sotho and Portuguese. We equip and encourage community outreach by inviting people to do Bible Way courses.


This ministry is currently partnering with the Baptist Union of Usindi and the Baptist Union in training believers in Mombasa using Swahili Bible Way books.


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News from the B W Coordinator in Kenya -Pastor Marcelus Wafula 

Jan 2019

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Seen in the photo standing centre back ( wearing a tie) Ps Marcelus travels far and wide to faithfully teach and guide others, using B W studies. Here, he is with members of the church at Kakamega Town in south west Kenya. It is 864km from Mombasa and is one of the many groups he willingly visits.

Oct 2019

Photo 2 B W Leaders from different areas in Kenya around Mombasa with Ps Marcelus Wafula (to the R, front standing, wearing a blue shirt)

Oct 2019

Photo 3 250 people in the Ushundi Baptist Church, Mombasa were handed the B W Document of Recognition by B W Overseer: Patricia Ihlenfeldt seen at the front with Ps Marcelus. 

News from the B W Coordinator in Lesotho 

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The Baptist Union’s Baptist Missions Department facilitated a short-term Missions trip to Maseru, Lesotho in Nov 2019.   It was Bible Way’s privilege to send along more books for the group started up by Ps Johannes Natsoane,  at Monageng Baptist Church previously, so they can continue the Basic Course study.

This course is used in different settings.

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Prison Ministry   

Faithful Coordinators  and workers at a few churches have persevered with the Prison ministry once the COVID lag lessened, praise God. It is still a valuable tool to input lives and many testimonies of Conversions reach our Corodinators. Prospects to grow are in the pipeline: The E L group are delighted to have invited a new lady, Bela Rasmeni, on their team. She will help in 2 prisons and do B W presentations as she has already been active her own 4-year long Prison ministry. Bela’s take on it is: “ It helps to have material which takes people through…”i.e. further along,  She spoke about how it  is her mission to  evangelise others in many circumstances.

Please pray for the inmates to resume studies and may the mission thrust into the Prisons be enlived again.

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Hidden Treasure  - The Hidden Treasure Shop ministry shop in East London and Port Elizabeth have purchased and share the Bible Way material with interesteed shoppers on a regular basis.

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Project Dorcas CWJC skills program - use this material to disciple the Job skills participants 


Community Bible Study Groups, Church Bible Study Groups and Outreach ministry 

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Sept 2019 Rev. Khulekani Mzilankatha from Diepsloot Baptist Church (a church plant of Randburg Baptist) reports: “We are doing very well in Diepsloot. Through the studies of Bibleway we have had people doing training with African Bible Training Centre (ABTC) for two years: First, we did a Bible Overview in 2018 and then in 2019 covered Theology. Bibleway studies sets people in Diepsloot apart from the Zionists background and made them search for the right/sound spiritual studies. We have started a Bible School in Diepsloot, jointly with ZEMA who have a 4-year Zion Evangelical Bible School Course. However, everyone has to start with Bible Way as the foundation of other studies. Many of our students have grown so much that some are now thinking of doing part time studies with BTC afterward, Lord willing, or, we guide them to other good Bible institutes. Please pray for the group. God is doing wonderful things among the most neglected group the African Traditional Churches.”

Ps Karneels Diutlwileng from Vryburg Baptist Church uses B W studies at his church.

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Johan Potgieter is an OM missionary at Tzaneen, Limpopo, seen here at a central meeting point, receiving B W books he purchased from Les Roos.Johan says he has ‘the honour’ of training TCM Uconomy students two courses concurrently: 1) a Program called the "Emmaus Entrepreneurship Program" which teaches running a Business in a Biblical Way and, 2)… Johan concurrently presents the "Bible Way" studies as a Discipleship Course. 

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This group of young students received their 1st “Document of Recognition” for completing the B W Basic Course, late 2020.  The group resumed their study of the Advanced Course and finished it in January ’21 to receive the 2nd “Document of Recognition” for the hard work done.








Marie Oosthuizen from the Jeffrey’s Bay Bible Church expressed her excitement about the books in Xhosa to offer to people where she ministers. An Outreach to 45 farm workers at 3 farms in Oyster Bay involves leading Bible Studies once a month, to fill in with solid, Bible teachings. She says, “ the people do attend church which is led by lay preachers.” However, she felt the need to refine the teachings as she is “… not sure to what level and depth of the teaching is” . Her well-planned starting point was for them to study the book of Mark for them to see who Jesus is, and what He did. She says the Xhosa Bible studies available “ will help so much!” Participants will do a tailor-made, B W “Short Course”: a 3-book set.   “ Walking with Jesus”: The books ‘God’s Wonderful Plan’, ‘A Responsible Christian’ and’ Christian Marriage and Family Life’ make up this Course study. After the study the ladies do handwork.Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

Please pray for the following needs of this ministry:-

To maintian the contacts in the prison despite the delays with the books arriving at the Prisons due to the Post Office backlog.

For the many groups that are using the material in community Bible study groups.

Project Dorcas participants using the material weekly in King Williams Town.

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