Please join us in prayer as we pray for various needs this 2022

Day 1

On the first day of the following months pray for:
Pray that our Assembly theme “Rebuild” will be evident in our national,
regional and local church witness and activities. Pray for the Students
registering with our Theological Colleges for the new academic year.
February: The Africa Women’s Day of Prayer (3). AABF Executive meeting (21). AABF
General Council meeting (22-23). ABK/Seminarium Graduation Service (27).
BMD Board meeting and mission to Bethulie, Free State (17-20). Pastors &
wives Renew Conference (25-27). The Finance and Trust Funds Committee
meetings at Baptist House (23).
March: Women’s World Day of Prayer (4). The BU NLC meetings in Johannesburg
(14-17). BU Bible Challenge (11-13).
April: The Easter ‘Missions offering’, that God will move the hearts of the
churches/people to give. Various Easter Conferences in the country.
May: Ministry Board (3-6). The BWD Board Meetings (10-12) and ‘Reload’
Conference (12-15), at the Maranatha Campsite. Ministry Board interviews (3-
6). Ascension Day Prayer Focus (26). ABK AGM. The BU National Men’s
Conference (27-29). The Finance and Trust Funds Committee meetings at
Baptist House (26). Child Protection Week (30 May-3 June).
June: World Weekend of Prayer for Children at Risk (4-5). International Day against
Substance Abuse (29). BWD Board meeting (27-28). BU National Leadership
Council meetings (28-30). Local Church Holiday Bible clubs.
July: Local Church Holiday Bible clubs.

August: Women’s Day rallies (9). BMD Board meeting, (16-17). The BU “Rebuild”
Week of Prayer (20-28). Bible Sunday (28). The Finance and Trust Funds
Committee meetings (18).
September: Missions Sunday (11). BWD Week of Prayer (19-23). NLC meeting (29/9-
October: BU Assembly (3-6). DOLM AGM. Pray for pastoral couples and for churches
having Appreciation Services for their pastors. Reformation day (31).
November: Orphans’ Sunday (6). Baptist Women’s World Day of Prayer (7). CTBS
Graduation Service (26).
December: World AIDS Day (1). BTC Graduation Service (3). BYSA Youth Summer
Camp (14-18).

Day 2
Pray for the interim National Ministry Leader, Greg Matthei (Ursula) as he
travels, visiting Churches and Regional Networks, preaching, encouraging and challenging
us on the theme “Rebuild” based on the book of Nehemiah. Pray for the appointment of a
new National Ministry Leader, for the National Leadership Council as they continue to guide
and direct us into the new structure.
Day 3
Pray for the National Administrator, Colin Diesel (Liesl), as he manages the
national office and directs the financial and administration affairs of the Union. Pray for the
Financial Administration and office staff: Geni Göpper (Johann) and Vicky Ferreira (Kirk); the
staff at Baptist House: Esther Sebopa; the Maintenance Staff: Isaac Ngema (Priscilla) and
Alex Skosana (Tumi); Training Centre Admin/Hospitality Staff: George Ngamlana (Peggy).
Day 4
Pray for the Board of Governors led by Stephen Paddy (Marcelle); the Board
of Trustees led by Dave Temple (Margaret) and the Board of Spiritual Advisors (Sibusiso
Mkhwanazi, Deon Malan, Reuben Ihlenfeldt) as they fulfil their role in the new Baptist Union
Day 5
Pray for the interim/part-time National Outreach Developer, Angelo Scheepers
(Naomi), Chairman of the Missions Board, Darryl Soal (Marianne) and the Board as they
spearhead the Missions/evangelistic thrust of the Union. Pray for George Ngamlana as he
motivates missions and theological training in the rural areas. Pray for Errol Muller (Michelle)
and Deeds of Love Ministries (DOLM) as they assist churches with practical/compassionate
ministries. Pray for the appointment of a full-time NOD.
Day 6
Pray for the Border Baptist Network and the Executive Committee led by their
Area Coordinator, Brian Tukuta (Fezeka). Pray for the church planters in the Network.
Day 7
Pray for the Cape Town Baptist Seminary Board, Foundation Trustees, Lecturing
and Administrative Staff and Students of the CTBS; the Principal Godfrey Harold (Patricia);
Full-time Lecturers: Ronnie Davis (Gail), Kennedy Mulenga (Elizabeth), Clayton Alexander
(Lauren), Annelien Rabie-Boshoff.
Day 8
Pray for Colin Diesel as he takes on the role of Acting Ministry Board Coordinator
for this year. Pray for the 2022 Ministry Board interviews and all the administration involved.
Day 9
Pray for the future of BYSA Youth Ministries and for local church Youth Pastors.
Pray for Tembani Zani (Thembakazi) and Reuben Ihlenfeldt (Patricia), BU Bible Challenge
Convenors, and the Committee. Pray for the Regional Network Youth
Developers/Directors/Committees. Pray for Children’s Pastors, Sunday School
teachers/workers and local church ministry to children.
Day 10
Pray for the Baptist Women’s Department: the President, Mancy Magadlela
(Lamla), as she promotes her theme “Do not be weary”; the Director, Patricia Ihlenfeldt
(Reuben); Naomi Scheepers and the ministry to Pastors’ Wives; Aukje Brouwer (Toby) as
she trains leaders; Tere Basson (John) as she heads up Campaign T.E.N.; May Shenton,
Rona Austwick (John), Sheena Coetzee (Salwyn) as they develop the ‘Hidden Treasure’
ministry; Heather Sullivan (Andy) and the ministry to widows/pastoral families; Pray for Londi
Jali as she organizes the LACE ministry. Pray for the Missions Co-ordinator, Marianne Soal
(Darryl) and the Outreach Committee. Pray for the Regional Network BWD Presidents.
Day 11
Pray for the ministry of Bible Way, for Les Roos (Gerrit) and the team at Baptist
House; for the volunteers involved at the satellite centres. Pray for the students, many of
whom are prisoners. Pray for the exciting ministry in Mombasa, Kenya. Pray for the ministry
of the Bible Society and our Baptist Union representative, Clive van Rooyen (Lyn).

Day 12
Pray for the work and ministry of the Free State Baptist Network and the
Chairman Shadrack Monageng (Anna), Vice Chairman Andries Nqontsa (Tshepiso) the
Executive and Officers. Pray for the Church Planters in the Free State.
Day 13
Pray for the work of the Western Cape Baptist Network, for the Board and the
Executive; for the Chairperson Grant Scheepers (Lenorae); Vice Chairpersons Thembelani
Maqhajana (Vathiswa), Benjamin Dreyer (Liesl), Nathan Seale (Jackie) and Edwin Joshua
(Johannah); Operations/Admin Director Darryl Petersen (Rebecca); the Ministry Facilitators
in the Network, Clive Jacobs (Ursula), Edgar Carolissen (Mercia), Peter Smallbones
(Margaret) and the ministry representatives.
Day 14
Pray for the Board, Lecturing, Administrative/Office Staff and Students of the
Baptist Theological College, Randburg; the Principal, Gregory Pereira (Vercia); Lecturers:
Terrel Manikam (Hazel), Walter Maqoma (Lerato), Graham Shipster (Tamlyn), Michael du
Toit (also Registrar) and the associate part-time lecturing staff.
Day 15
Pray for the work of the Eastern Province Baptiist Network led by Chairman
Xolani Kalani (Nomthandazo) and Vice Chairman Lungile Mama (Gertrude). Pray for the
Office Secretary Millicent Galant (Jonathan) and for the Church Planters in the Eastern
Day 16
Pray for Church Planting in the BUSA and for the training of Church Planters
facilitated by Jeremy Sieberhagen (Marlene) and Shadrack Monageng (Anna) of Africa for
Day 17
Pray for the BU Finance Committee, for the Chairman Garth Coppin (Mary) and
for the members as they guide the financial affairs of the Union. Pray that our churches will
take seriously their giving to the corporate ministries of the BUSA. Pray for Angelo
Scheepers (Naomi) as they lead the BU Foundation.
Day 18
Pray for the Pastoral Support Team led by Patricia Ihlenfeldt as they oversee the
Ministry Board and the Pastoral Care Department and the Pastoral Care Ministry in the
Regional Networks. Pray for the Pension Fund Trustees, Chairman Brian Viljoen (Noreen),
Principal Officer Lammie Fourie (Heather) and Administrators. Pray for our
pastors/missionaries on pension and our pastoral widows. Pray for the appointment of a
Pastoral Support Team Coordinator.
Day 19
Pray for the Afrikaanse Baptiste Kerke, the President Tian de Beer (Ronel), the
Executive and member churches. Pray for the Principal of the Seminarium, Willem Nel
(Tanya), the Administrative and Lecturing staff and the Students. Pray for Gary Plant (Hilda),
the Pastoral/Operations Co-ordinator.
Day 20
Pray for the moving of God’s Spirit in our churches, that renewal and revival will
be experienced in the hearts and lives of individual Christians, leaders and pastors. Pray for
Frank Pretorius (Joy) as he spearheads Church Renewal Weekends/Unity Seminars.
Day 21
Pray for the worldwide Baptist family; for the Baptist World Alliance President
Tomás Mackey (Febe), the General Secretary Elijah Brown (Amy), and the staff of the BWA;
for the All Africa Baptist Fellowship and their newly inducted President Dr Israel Akanji &
newly inducted General Secretary Rev. Elias Apetegbo; the outreach of Conventions and
Unions throughout Africa.
Day 22
Pray for the Baptist Northern Association led by Chairman, Parmesh
Venkatasami (Bronwen); for the Co-ordinator Lance Laughton (Kathy) and for the ExecutiveCommittee. Pray for Samaria Mission, the Church Planters, churches/fellowships in the rural
communities of Limpopo, Venda, Mpumalanga and North West.
Day 23
Pray for the impact of the BU Express, BU webpage, BU Facebook page and
Instagram as we seek to inform and inspire Baptists in our churches.
Day 24
Pray for the National Baptist Men’s Fellowship, the Chairman Selwyn Naidoo
(Anneline), the Secretary / Convenor Emlyn Kannemeyer (Crystal). Pray for the 2022
Conference in Johannesburg.
Day 25
Pray for the work of the KwaZulu Natal Baptist Network, led by Chairman Clive
van Rooyen (Lyn). Pray for the Administrator and the Missions Developer Trevor Eayrs
(Marilyn) and pastoral care coordinator Brian Anderson (Jenny). Pray for the church planters
in the Network.
Day 26
Pray for the Missions Outreach into Africa: Keith and Christeen Moller (Yao
people of Malawi); for the continued development of our Baptist witness in Angola, Mauritius,
Zambia, Seychelles, Lesotho and Namibia; for our churches partnering with local churches in
Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Kenya; for the CTBS PULSE Distance Learning Programme in
Kenya; for Vanessa Patience and the PEPE Preschool programme in disadvantaged areas.
Pray for the work of the International Missions Board (IMB) serving in the Regional Networks
of the Baptist Union.
Day 27
Pray for the Baptist Network of the Northern Cape, for the Chairman Sam
Khephe (Lucy), the Secretary Monica Plaatjie and the Executive. Pray for the new church
plants and church planters.
Day 28
Pray for our State President, Cyril Ramophosa and the leaders of our land as
they seek to find solutions to Covid 19, poverty, crime, corruption and violence in South
Africa. Pray for the Christian Citizenship Network, as they lead us during these challenging
days and for the Chairperson, Yolanda Ford (Dean). Pray for a leader for the Historical
Society and the BU Archives.
Day 29
Pray for the spreading of the Gospel in our land by our churches, and for Pastors
to preach the Gospel. Pray for all our Evangelists and for the Missions Department as they
assist our churches in the area of evangelism.
Day 30
Pray for the BU Chaplains: (a) Security Services: Thomas Magodi (Cathy); Elvis
Notshe (Eleanor); Frank Meulenbeld (Sharon); and Melanie Spannenberg (Alastair); (b)
Correctional Services: Jonathan and Jenny Clayton; (c) SA Police Services: Michael Leripa
(Patricia); (d) Emergency Services: Mark Bowler (Joanne). Pray for Thomas Magodi, as he
represents the BUSA on the Spiritual Services Advisory Board.
Day 31
Pray for a united Baptist witness in our country through the South African Baptist
Alliance. Pray for the Baptist Convention, Baptist Mission, Baptist Association and their
Presidents and General Secretaries.

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