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The South African Baptist Woman’s Department aims to equip women to impact their world for Jesus Christ. We do this by focusing on the development of relevant skills to meet people at the point of their need, develop strategies to reach out to all people and share the Gospel with them, establish an enabling structure and process that is culturally relevant and ensuring the best use of all the Departments resources through Missions, Centenary Fund, Project Dorcas, College Bursary Funds, Pastor’s Wives, Leadership, Hidden Treasure ( and the Maranatha Retreat and Conference Centre



Information and Resources for Download 

Please find the proposed revised Constitution and week of prayer program on the blog. Click Here

The Department has a blog which is used to assist the local church with resources for women's ministry.

Visit our Facebook page is for the latest news and Updates

Check out the Women's Department Blog for information and assistance for women's ministry   Click  here

Truth and Grace  Resource program 2023 Click Here

News updates 

  Ellah  Ellah Ndlovu will be inducted at the Assembly as the President for 2023/2024.

Notice of Meetings

Board Meeting:                30 and 1st October at Bethany Emmanuel Church, Qonce

Post Assembly board meeting: 5th October at Grens Laer Skool (7:30 a.m.)

Pastor’s Wives Luncheon  3rd October (1:00p.m. to 2p.m.) at the Auditorium at Grens Laer Skool

BWD AGM:                          4th October    (14:00p.m. –17:00p.m.)

INDUCTION:                       4th October    (14:00p.m. –17:00p.m.)

BWD Presentation:             To be announced.

Annual General Meeting Documentation  - Download Here


 Thanksgiving Offering 2023 Please dont forget to raise funds towards the 2023 Thanksgiving offering to be collected at the BU assembly. 



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