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 Key focus areas of the Pastoral Support Team in assisting Pastoral Families :- 

  • Counselling & caring
  • Church education
  • Spiritual and personal enrichment
  • Fellowship
  • Pastoral families
  • Financial Aid
  • Continuous education

 The Pastoral Support Team  committee is made of the following representatives: -

Each geographical Network and ministry network will have a representative on this committee who will be assigned the task of fulfilling the task of this network geographically

  • Geographical Network /Association representatives
  • Ministry Representatives l

Pastoral Care focus areas for pastoral growth.

  • Renewing Pastors Spiritual Growth
  • Renewing Church life
  • Renewing Pastors Spiritual leadership
  • Renewing Pastoral family life

Partnering with the Ministry Board in the following areas.

  • Care of Probationers
  • Mentoring: - Pastors and Wives
  • Mentoring: - Lay preachers


  •  Preparing resources for practical areas of ministry.
  •  Preparing resources for personal matters that affect the pastoral family.
  • Preparation for the emotional aspects of retirement.

 Practical assistance for pastoral families, widows and pensioners.

  •  Collaborating with the BWD manse fund
  •  Raising awareness of low pastoral salaries as a means towards finding improvement
  •  Producing an annual recommended salary standard list for SA Baptist Pastors.
  • Teaching and encouraging churches to be take responsibility for paying their pastor and recognising the needs of their pastor and his/her family.

Training and Conferences

  •  Organising Conferences and regional events that will assist with various aspects of ministry and personal development.
  •  Electronic resources and contact
  •  Continuous education and training resources and program for continued growth.

Administration Fee

  • Managing and administering the annual administration pastoral fee.

Please send an email to this address if you are in currently in a local fraternal or Tim group in your geographical network , we could link you up with your local representative.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Patricia Ihlenfeldt - Chairperson of the Pastoral Support Team
Patricia has served as chairperson of this committee since the inception of this ministry at the end of 2019. The Support Team is made up of representative from each association and the WD.

Jonathan Galant - Eastern Province Baptist Association

Andries Nqontsa – Free State Association

Brian Anderson – Kwa Zula Natal Network

George Ngamlana – Baptist Union Consultant

Colin Diesel – Baptist Union Administrator

Heather Sullivan– Pastors Wives Representative

Patricia Ihlenfeldt- Pastor’s Wives Representative

Thembile Dunge- Border Baptist Network

Greg Matthei – Baptist Union Ministry leader

Vacant - Baptist Northern Association 

Deon Malan  – Western Province Baptist Network

Vacant - Baptist Associaiton of the Northern Cape