Baptist Union of South Africa

Our Mission:
the cause of the Kingdom of God

unity and brotherly love

Baptist Principles and maintain religious liberty

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BU Express - Issue 272

BU National Ministries News BU Foundation: Two BU Foundation/promotional dinners were recently held in the WPBA, one

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BU Express - Issue 292

BU National Ministries News Baptist Women’s Union of Africa (AABF): ± 500 delegates from five countries (Zimbabwe, Za

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BU Express - Issue 270

Bob Moore and Bill Drennan from the Baptist General Association of Virginia, USA shared with leaders in northern KZN.

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Our mission is to advance the cause of the Kingdom of God primarily in Southern Africa. To promote unity and brotherly love among its member churches and churches moving towards membership. To disseminate Baptist Principles and to maintain religious liberty. To establish and assist Churches wherein Baptist Principles are practised.